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Reuse your hair extensions and save £££’s

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Hair extensions still in great condition? Don’t throw them away!


Did you know that hair extensions can be reused, cutting the cost of reapplications by around half? What’s more, you could pay less overall for the best quality double drawn Russian hair extensions than you’re paying for poor quality Chinese (sometimes called ‘Remy’, ‘Euro’ or ‘European’ style) hair.

In this blog we’re going to answer some of the questions you might have and dispel some myths about reusing your hair extensions.

Are the hair extensions you’re wearing good enough to reapply?

Not all hair extensions are made using good quality hair. Poor quality hair will be starting to look damaged by the time it’s 3-4 months old. Of course, you can reapply this hair, but would you want to? If it’s already starting to look damaged, what will it look like in another 3-4 months? It’s worth paying a bit more for good quality hair up front, not only will your hair extensions look, feel and move better, it could save you money in the long run too.

What makes Russian hair the best?  

The hair we use is collected from the East Slavic Ethnic group (West Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.). Their genes, diet and the cold climate give their hair qualities which make it the most beautiful in the world. Because, like us, they belong to the Caucasian race, their hair looks, moves and feels just like ours. Russian hair needs little or no processing before it’s used for hair extensions. It has none of the cuticle removed (the hair’s protective layer) and remains healthy and undamaged. We deal directly with our suppliers and import all our hair from Russia and Ukraine.

Asian (Chinese) hair has a different structure than Caucasian hair. It has many more cuticle layers, which make it thicker. To make the hair feel more like ours, acid is used to strip some, if not all of the cuticle layers. The cuticle layer is there to protect the hair and it’s a healthy cuticle that makes hair shiny, smooth and strong. Without the cuticle, hair is dull and breaks easily. To disguise the damage caused by this aggressive processing, Chinese hair is coated in silicone. Silicone makes the hair soft, shiny and more supple but it doesn’t last. By the time the hair is 3-4 months old, the silicone will have worn away. The hair will be showing signs of wear and tear.

Most Indian hair also has the cuticle removed with acid as it makes it easier and cheaper to process. This causes the same quality issues found in Chinese hair.

Russian hair is unquestionably the best hair to use for hair extensions but even this has variations

Single drawn – only the shortest hairs are removed from the pony tail, leaving a pony tail which contains hair of different lengths. This means the hair gets thinner from root to tip. Because single drawn hair is sparser on the ends, it is weaker and will break more easily. It also contains split and ‘dead’ ends which weaken it further, so it won’t last as long as double drawn hair.

Double drawn – all the hair is ‘drawn’ from the pony tail and separated into different lengths. This is not the only benefit of the double drawing process though. By removing the hair from the ponytail by the tips, the ends of the hair can be trimmed, removing split and dead ends. This makes the hair more durable, shiny and full. Double drawing is a labour intensive task and can only be done by hand. At NuTress, we only use double drawn hair and draw all our hair on site.

Coloured Russian– the hair is coloured to match the full spectrum of colours needed for the UK market. Unlike Chinese or Indian hair though, Russian hair is naturally available in lighter shades, so it doesn’t need to be lightened aggressively. Because it’s less processed and still has it’s full cuticle intact, it remains strong and healthy.

Virgin – this hair is unprocessed in any way. It has never been coloured, lightened or permed. When double drawn it is the finest hair available. With proper care and attention, it can last for years. 

You’re worried you’ll lose length if you have your hair extensions reapplied – not at NuTress.

If you’ve ever had your hair extensions reapplied, you’ll know that you can lose a couple of inches every time you have them taken out and put back in. This means your hair extensions will get shorter and shorter at every reapplication. This isn’t the case at NuTress. With our method, there’s no need to level the ends. This means you won’t have to worry about your hair extensions losing length. In other words, even if you have the same hair reapplied for a year, it’ll be the same length it was when it was first applied


You’ll need to buy new hair to replace some of your hair extensions at each reapplication – with our technique, you don’t.

Hair extensions are usually applied in one length, with layers cut in around your face to blend with your natural hair. The cut hair is usually thrown away at the reapplication and you would need to buy new hair to replace it. To blend seamlessly with your natural hair, NuTress hair extensions are layered THROUGHOUT the application, not just around your face. This is what makes our hair extensions look so natural. What’s more, because our reapplication process is different to anyone else’s, you won’t need to buy any new hair. We can reapply 100% of your original hair extensions, saving you even more money. 

Your reapplication appointment.

Your hair extensions need to be squeaky clean for your reapplication appointment, so make sure you wash your hair on the day. It might be more convenient but washing it the night before or going to the gym, etc. after you’ve washed it could weaken the new bonds and your hair extensions might not last as long. 

If you lose any hair extensions, don’t throw them away, good hair isn’t cheap! Instead keep hold of them and bring them to your appointment, we’ll slot them back in where they belong.

If you want to reuse your hair, don’t have your hair extensions removed anywhere else. Our hair extensions are unlike any others and can only be reapplied if we remove them. 

Looking after your Russian hair extensions.

Now, we’re not saying that Russian hair doesn’t need to be taken care of, it does. But because it is an investment, you’ll want to look after it. As with any type of hair extension, the hair will need to be kept moisturised to stop the ends from drying out. When hair without extensions is brushed, natural oils are carried from the scalp to the tips of the hair. This doesn’t happen when your wear hair extensions, so oil needs to be added as part of your aftercare routine. You’ll also need to use a good quality conditioner and apply a hair mask every ten days or so. If you’re going to use tongs/straighteners/wands, you’ll need to use heat protection too. We also recommend that you only use GHD heated tools or, if you can control the temperature, turn your tools down to 180°. It’s been scientifically proven that styling your hair above this temperature, even once, can cause permanent damage. These tips won’t just prolong the life of your hair extensions, they’ll help protect your natural hair too

What next? Give us a ring on 01612582015 and book your free, no obligation consultation. We can answer any questions you have, show you the hair we use and put you on the path to the hair you want. If you have any other questions about reusing hair extensions, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.