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Why We Only Fit Russian Hair Extensions

Russian Hair Extensions Specialists


We exclusively fit Russian hair extensions because –


  • We understand how important a natural, discreet result is to you, and that the health of your natural hair is your priority.


  • We’re passionate about fitting the safest, most natural hair extensions available and we’re only happy when we produce beautiful work.


We used Remy “Euro Grade” hair for years but after seeing the difference it made, we decided to exclusively stock Russian hair.  What’s more, because Russian hair is better quality and lasts longer, it can be reapplied several times, often making it better value than cheaper hair. 

Blonde Virgin Russian hair extensions being drawn between 2 large brushes in Manchester salon


It’s Natural – Russian hair isn’t exposed to the same damaging processes that cheaper hair is. That’s why Russian hair looks more natural, it maintains its integrity and authenticity.

The Texture – Russian hair has a fine texture and lots of body. Because of this, it doesn’t just feel soft, it looks soft too. It moves in a light, ‘swishy’ way. And. because it’s lighter, it’s safe to use in very fine hair.

The Cuticle – Russian hair has all the cuticle layer intact. Because of the cuticle’s protective qualities, the hair has added longevity and a healthy sheen. Russian hair remains manageable and tangle free for the duration of wear.

The Shine – Russian hair has a natural shine and lustre, a healthy glow. Cheaper hair is super shiny and false looking because it’s been treated with silicone.

The Ethnicity -Genetics, climate and dietary factors make this hair beautifully soft and silky, strong and durable.

We stock 2 grades of Russian hair, coloured and Virgin. We’ve put together the following advice and information to help you decide which type is right for you.


Our Coloured Hair 

Our coloured Russian hair is the finest available. It has been gently and expertly coloured, leaving the condition and integrity of the hair intact. It is collected from Southern regions of Russia. Our coloured Russian hair extensions can last for a year or more. It is slightly heavier than Virgin Russian hair. We recommend this hair if you are new to wearing hair extensions. Or, if you are looking for a budget friendly alternative to Virgin Russian hair but still want great quality.


Our Virgin Hair 

Our Virgin Russian hair is the best in the world. We import our Virgin Russian hair from Slavic regions of Russia. This hair is natural and has never undergone any type of processing or colouring. There’s a limited colour range, most Virgin Russian hair is dark blonde to dark brown. Light blondes, reds and very dark brown colours are rare. Unlike previously coloured hair, Virgin hair can be tinted and lightened to match your natural shade. It is the lightest, finest hair available. We recommend this hair type if your priority is a naturally, luxurious result. Our Virgin Russian hair extensions can last for 2 years or more.

Double Drawn Russian Hair Extensions

Genuine Russian hair is only available in single drawn or raw hair bundles. And, even though it’s the best hair in the world, the bundles contain short hairs and hair with split/dead ends. We double draw all our hair in house to remove these imperfections.  Double drawn Russian hair is expensive, doing the work ourselves means we can stock this hair at a reasonable price, passing the savings on to you. Click here to find out more about double drawn hair. To see one of our Virgin Russian hair ponytails being drawn, click here.

Buyer Beware

The market has been flooded with poor quality Chinese cuticle hair recently. Inexperienced or dishonest extensionists and salons sell this hair on as Russian. Other than some of the cuticle layer being intact, the hair doesn’t have the qualities that make Russian hair beautiful. It is coarser and heavier than Russian hair.  Because it’s aggressively bleached, it dries out, breaks and needs to be replaced sooner than Russian hair would.

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