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Human Hair Extensions Consultation – What To Expect

Before making an appointment, please book a free hair extensions consultation. We can answer any questions you have and make sure hair extensions are right for you. You can examine our East Slavic and European hair and we will show you the various shades we would use to match your colour. If you like, we can apply a couple of our micro bonds and micro rings for you to get a feel for them. We will ask about your lifestyle and give you a personal aftercare plan.



Tailor Made Natural Hair Extensions – What To Consider

Length – Our tailor made hair extensions give you the flexibility to add as little or as much length as you like. You can be confident that our human hair extensions will blend perfectly with your own hair to create a natural, seamless look. If you simply want extra volume, our light weight human hair extensions can thicken your hair without adding length.

Colour – We are one of only a few salons in the UK to specialise in hand blended, tailor made hair extensions. We do not use factory made, pre-bonded hair. Ours is by far the most skilled and professional technique but the results are exceptional – the most natural hair extensions available. Hand blending loose hair gives us the flexibility to select as many colours as we need, in exactly the right quantities to colour match your own hair perfectly. Hand blending prevents the false “stripy” look and poor colour matches often seen in less professional hair extensions.

Texture – We have hair available to suit all textures – straight, wavy and curly. The texture of your hair extensions should match that of your own hair i.e. if you have straight hair, then we would recommend applying straight hair extensions.

Price Guarantee

At your hair extensions consultation we will calculate a price for the full cost of the application.   We will never (so long as you don’t have your hair cut in the meantime)  charge more than the price quoted, even if we need to apply more hair extensions than expected.   That said, you can be totally confident that we would not complete an application without putting in enough hair.

Booking An Appointment

Before making an appointment you need to be sure our natural hair extensions are right for you. Once you decide to make an appointment, a deposit is required to secure the booking. The remaining balance is paid on the day of application. By paying a deposit and making an appointment, you agree to the following terms and conditions.   Deposits are non refundable so please be sure that you wish to proceed before booking an appointment. Cancellations will result in the deposit being forfeited as a cancellation fee.  Seven full days notice is required to reschedule an appointment. For appointments rescheduled with less notice, the deposit will be forfeited as a cancellation fee and a new deposit will be required before a new appointment can be booked.   NuTress reserves the right to amend prices at any time without warning, at our own discretion.

NuTress Hair Extensions

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