young woman anxious about post pregnancy hair loss pulling lots of hair from an hairbrush.

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss And How To Combat It!

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If you’re a first-time mum, post pregnancy hair loss will be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, most women will experience it in varying degrees. This blog will help you get some perspective and give practical advice to help until your hair gets back to normal.


When you first come home from the hospital, carrying your new baby and a newfound resolve to spend the rest of your life taking on the role of ‘World’s Best Mum’, it can be quite daunting when you realise what else is ahead of you. From breastfeeding to sleepless nights, there are a variety of challenges that come with motherhood. And, while all of it is of course totally worth it, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to be scared.


Post-pregnancy hair loss is something we get asked about frequently. It’s something that many new Mum’s don’t understand and can become quite alarmed about. First and foremost, this is completely normal and nothing to be afraid of. All those glamorous new Mum’s on TV shows and in movies are not real; they never look that perfect, and there’s probably a great deal of concealer covering up their dark circles.


That said, lets first look at what post-pregnancy hair loss is, and why we experience this as new Mum’s.


What is post-pregnancy hair loss?


When you were pregnant, your hair took on a lustre and sheen it’s never had before. Well, there’s a reason for that. It all comes down to those pesky hormones that everyone said would throw you around during pregnancy.


Around 85% to 90% of your hair is in the growth phase at any one time. During pregnancy, the hormones present in your body stop hair from moving into the ‘shedding’ phase. You may have noticed there weren’t as many hairs in your hairbrush, or clogging up your shower. This resulted in your hair becoming thicker and more luxurious looking. After pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place. The percentage of hairs that enter that shedding stage increases dramatically. This is what causes post pregnancy hair loss.


To put it into perspective, the average woman will lose around 80 hairs a day. New Mum’s, on the other hand, can lose up to 400 hairs per day.


Don’t panic though, this is quickly followed by regrowth, as the cycle begins again.


How long does post pregnancy hair loss last?


New mothers typically experience the physical results of hair loss around three months after birth, though this can differ slightly from one person to the next. Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do about quickening or shortening our own hair growth cycles at any stage of our life.


If you have particularly long hair, the hair loss may seem more dramatic than if you had short hair, but do remember that your hair growth cycle will reset and resume at a normal pace after about 6 months, and improvements will be seen quickly.


How can hair extensions help with post pregnancy hair loss? 


Woman with moderate post pregnancy hair loss and after with hair extensions in Manchester.

Around 70 Virgin Russian micro bond hair extensions added natural volume to help with moderate/severe post pregnancy hair loss.

There are several things you can do while you wait for your hair to get back to normal. Hair extensions are an easy, instantaneous option that deliver immediate results.


One of our primary goals is to instil and ensure that all new Mum’s feel as confident as they possibly can. The new role you have taken on as Mum may well be the most important of your life, and you deserve to feel fantastic while you do it. That’s why we’ve created our most natural hair extension; using Russian human hair to add length, body and enhanced texture to women across the UK.


Hair extensions are typically worn for 14 weeks, having them applied when you first notice an increase in shedding will see you through the first part of the hair loss stage. You can then have the extensions removed and review your natural hair when things have settled down. You can then choose to reapply the extensions for a further 14 weeks, or leave them out and have your hair restyled.                                                                                                               

back shot of a woman with thin hair due to post pregnancy hair loss and 1 year after when it has recovered with hair extensions in Manchester salon

This client came to us with moderate post pregnancy hair loss. She wore our hair extensions for 12 months, during which time her hair made a full recovery. The photo on the right is her natural hair after the hair extensions were removed.

 A consultation reviews your concerns and lifestyle to help us come up with a plan for your hair. We carry consultations out in a private, safe space. And, if hair extension aren’t right for you, there’s no commitment to make a booking. 


Why trust us?


We know from personal experience that treating post pregnancy hair loss with the wrong type of hair extensions can be devastating. It can be made worse by heavy hair extensions that aren’t applied with care, attention and skill. Where possible, we recommend Virgin Russian hair for this application type. You get a better result with fewer hair extensions because the hair is lighter and has more body. We adapt our tailor-made bonds and micro rings to suit each clients individual needs. They are the safest, most discreet method available. You can find out more about our double drawn Virgin Russian hair here.


Other practical help.


Other options include investing in a good hair cut that will require less maintenance. This could complement your slightly thinner hair texture until it grows back. You can also purchase products which have been designed to bulk up the appearance of your hair, for example mousses and texturizing sprays. After all, if you look at someone with wavy hair next to someone with straight hair, wavy hair will always appear to have the most volume and body  – and that is a hair hack that you can use to your advantage.


Finally, just take care of your hair. Avoid being rough, brushing it too vigorously or too frequently. Take the time to try out a few different styles that cover any areas which worry you. It might be tempting to wear our hair tied back all the time, but this could put stress on your hair.

Hair extensions provide a great way to boost your confidence as well as ensure you look as great as you feel. You should be spending this special time enjoying your new baby, not worrying about your hair.

What Next? Call Us On 01612582015 To Arrange Your Free Consultation.


We can discuss your concerns and the options available. We can apply a few free test hair extensions so you can make sure they’re right for you before booking an appointment.

Would you like to learn more about hair extensions for thin/fine hair?

We love to hear from you! If there are any other hair extensions topics you’d like us to cover, or if you have any other comments, please leave them below.

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