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Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions


It’s important to make a fully informed decision before having hair extensions fitted and you’ll probably have lots of questions. Here we have brought together some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.


If you have a question which isn’t answered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a means of adding additional hair (human, animal or synthetic) to your natural hair. There are many methods of application – please see our blog Hair Extensions Application Techniques.

Why do people have hair extensions?

Hair extensions are applied to enhance the appearance of your natural hair. They can be used to add any combination of length, thickness and body, and colour.

Can anybody have hair extensions applied?

There are some scalp conditions which are unfortunately not compatible with hair extensions e.g. psoriasis, eczema, etc. However, the severity of these conditions can vary greatly from individual to individual and can be assessed at your consultation.

How long does my natural hair need to be?

This very much depends on your own hair type but ideally your own hair should be a minimum of 10cms long.


Do you charge for consultations?

No, even though our consultations are very thorough and take up a ½ hour time slot, there is no charge.

Is there anything I need to do prior to the consultation?

To help us get a clear indication of your hairs condition and type, it is important that your hair is freshly washed and dried on the day of your consultation. We also recommend that if you plan to change the colour of you hair, you do so prior to having your hair colour matched.

What can I expect at the consultation?

The consultation gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and to discuss what you hope to achieve from your hair extensions. We will ask you lots of questions about your hair type and lifestyle and depending on your answers we will discuss your individual aftercare regime. To give you a feel for what to expect from our extensions, we will happily apply a couple of them free of charge. Please see our Consultation page for more information.


Do you use Remy hair?

All the hair used by NuTress is cuticle correct, Remy hair. The term ‘Remy’ means that all the hair strands are running in the same direction – from root to tip.  If any of the hair is running in the wrong direction – tip to root – the unaligned cuticles will cause friction and the hair will be knotty, matted and totally unmanageable. For lots more information please see our blog ‘Extension Hair – An Introduction’.

Can the hair be reapplied?

Our European and Russian hair is of such exceptional quality that it can be reused multiple times, thereby lowering the cost of subsequent reapplications. Although our Indian Temple hair is of the highest quality it is not suitable for reapplication. Please see our blog ‘Indian, European and Russian Hair Extensions – What’s The Difference?’

What is loose hair?

A lot of hair extensions are bought ‘off the shelf’ and come ready to apply, either prebonded or wefted. This is almost exclusively the case with all types of micro rings, ‘locks’, nano rings, wefts, weaves, etc. As the name suggests, loose (also known as bulk) hair does not have any attachment and is sold in bundles simply held together with twine.

What are hand blended hair extensions?

Your hair is made up of lots of different colours,tones, high and low lights. Even black hair is seldom a single, flat colour.  And because of the amazing variety of colours available, from blue black to platinum blonde, and everything in between, the possible combination of colours are infinite. At NuTress, we select hair from a variety of colours, in varying quantities and carefully blend them together to perfectly recreate your individual colours, tones, high and low lights.  Not all hair extensions salons who use loose hair blend it, instead they ‘pick’ each hair extension form a single colour. This may look OK from a distance but up close the results can be disappointing.

What are pre bonded and weft hair extensions?

Pre bonded hair extensions are, as the name suggests, hair extensions which already have the bond attached. Wefted hair is made by knotting hair at the root end onto thread. This forms a ‘curtain’ of hair which falls loosely below the knots. On the face of it, prebonded and wefted hair seem like a good idea as the application time of the methods used to attach them is reduced. However, when looking at the pros and cons of hair extensions, this is their only advantage.


Please see our blog ‘Hair Extensions Application Methods – An Insight’ for more information


How are your hair extensions applied?

We specialise in single strand, micro bond hair extensions. Vertical partings are carefully placed throughout the natural hair. Working along each parting, the strand by strand extensions are formed by attaching tiny amounts of loose extension hair to your natural hair. The extensions are secured by placing a small drop of soft keratin at the base of the extension hair which then bonds with the natural hair near the scalp. This type of application creates the most discreet, versatile, free flowing and natural looking hair extensions available. For more information please see our blog ‘Why You Should Choose Micro Bond Hair Extensions’.

How long does the application take?

This varies greatly from client to client. The following times are a guide only.

Partial – a quarter head takes up to 2.5 hours, a half head takes up to 4 hours, a three quarter head up to 6 hours, full head up to 8 hours and full head+ up to 10 hours

My hair needs trimming, shall I have this done before the application appointment?

We will remove any split/dead ends when we blend your hair with the extension hair, so it isn’t necessary to have your hair trimmed prior to having your hair extensions fitted.

Will you cut the hair extensions once they've been applied?

Yes, after application your new extensions will be trimmed and styled. However, because each of our tailor made extensions are individually sized and cut as they are being applied they need very little cutting after application.  Our method retains the natural tip of the extension hair while at the same time adding layers and integrating your own hair into your chosen style. This method results in the most natural, undetectable hair extensions available.


Can I wash the hair?

At NuTress we only use 100% natural human hair, so you can wash and style your hair extensions just as you would your own hair. To prevent your bonds from softening it is important that your hair is kept clean and grease free, so regular washing is essential. New hair extensions should not be washed within 24hrs of being applied.

Can I use styling products on my hair?

Generally yes but some styling products, usually those which contain oil or alcohol should be avoided and styling products should never be put directly onto the bonds. If there are products you use and are unsure about, please ask for clarification at your consultation.

Can I use heated styling appliances on my hair?

Yes, you can use hairdryers, straighteners, wands, etc., just like you would on your own hair but please bear in mind the longevity and quality of the hair will reduce dramatically if excessive heat is applied. Putting direct heat on the bonds will cause them to melt so it is important to avoid catching them on straighteners, wands, tongs, etc.

Can I tie my hair back?

Yes, you can. Unlike weaves, clip in, tape extensions, etc., the free flowing, single strand method of applying hair extensions used by NuTress gives you the versatility to wear your hair up or tied back with complete confidence. And, unlike unsightly loop/micro ring or nano ring hair extensions because our bonds are as small as a grain of rice they are undetectable and discreet.

Can my hair extensions be blow waved?

Yes, you can still have a blow wave but it is important that your hairdresser is competent in how to style hair extensions. We are more than happy to give you styling advice to help you get the most from your new hair extensions.

Can I colour my hair?

Yes, but the bonds and extension hair must be avoided. We recommend colouring your own hair shortly before having your hair extensions applied. Then, by the time your roots need retouching there will be enough space for your colour technician to confidently touch up your regrowth without applying colour to your hair extensions.

Can I colour the hair extensions?

NuTress are one of only a handful of salons able to offer a hand blending service, guaranteeing a perfect colour match to your natural hair. If you plan to change the colour of your hair we recommend doing so prior to your consultation. We do not recommend colouring any hair extensions as the extension hair may not develop at the same rate as your natural hair, leaving you with uneven colour.

Can I let my hair extensions dry naturally?

Yes, we only use natural human hair so there isn’t much that you can’t do to your hair extensions that you couldn’t do to your natural hair. However, the bonds must be dried off immediately after washing as leaving them wet/damp for prolonged periods can start to break them down.

Can I use dry shampoo when wearing hair extensions?

To get the most from your hair extensions, they need to be kept clean and oil free. We recommend regular washing rather than using dry shampoo.

Do I need to use special products to care for my hair extensions?

To keep your bonds in good condition your hair extensions must be washed with an oil and alcohol free shampoo. A good quality, protein free conditioner and a moisturising oil should be used on the ends of the hair to prevent it from drying out. If you regularly use heated styling tools we strongly recommend you use an oil free, heat protection product.


Can I swim with hair extensions?

Yes, but you should avoid getting the hair/bonds wet as prolonged exposure to water/dampness will cause your bonds to soften, often resulting in excessive shedding of the extension hair. For best results wash and dry your hair immediately after swimming.

Can I use sunbeds?

You can use sunbeds whilst wearing hair extensions but it is important to wash your hair if you experience excessive perspiration.

Can I use sauna/steam rooms?

We could not recommend using saunas or steam rooms as prolonged periods of excessive heat and dampness may cause your bonds to soften.

Can I exercise whilst wearing hair extensions?

Of course you can still exercise and play sports when wearing hair extensions but we recommend tying your hair in a loose pony tail or plait and washing immediately afterwards.

I like to wash my hair every day, can I still do that while wearing hair extensions?

If you have very oily hair then we would recommend washing your hair extensions every day to keep your bonds in good condition. However, our clients who do not have oily hair usually find they don’t need to wash their hair as frequently as the extra volume keeps their hair looking better for longer.


How long can I wear the hair extensions before they need removing?

This varies greatly from one individual to the next and depends on your natural hair and which type of hair you choose to apply. We recommend that clients with very fine/thin hair, keep their extensions in for no longer than 10-12 weeks, whereas those with strong, thick hair can wear their extensions for up to 16 weeks. Please note though that European and Russian hair must be removed no longer than 14 weeks after application if you would like to have it reapplied.

Can I remove the hair extensions myself?

We strongly advise against removing your own extensions as this can lead to your own hair being damaged.

How long does the removal take?

Removal of extensions which have been well maintained usually takes around 30 minutes per 1/4 head. However, poorly maintained extensions may take longer.