Indian, European and Russian Hair Extensions – What’s The Difference?

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At NuTress we strive to bring you not only the best service, price and quality but choice too. That’s why our clients can select Indian, European or Russian hair extensions. But what’s the difference and which would be right for you? To help you make an informed decision about which type of hair would be right for you, we’ve put together the following advice and information.


Unhappy with the quality of the Remy Indian Temple hair available in the UK, we started importing our own. Our hair is produced to a much higher standard than any Indian hair we had used before. Our suppliers know our priority is quality, not price. Indian hair is very slightly heavier than European and Russian hair but is still lightweight enough for application to any hair type. It is versatile and easy to style, it’s easy to straighten but also holds a wave or curl. It can be reused when applied with our mini locks and with proper aftercare will look good for at least 6 months. Because it is naturally dark, it does undergo some bleaching and colouring to deliver the full spectrum of shades but with proper care and attention it will remain soft, shiny and manageable for the duration of wear.


Our European hair is lightweight and fine making it especially suitable for thin, fine or fragile hair. It has a natural wave and holds a curl well but does need a little more work when straightening. It is full of body, very versatile and wearable.  European hair is naturally available in a range of colours, avoiding the need for aggressive bleaching. Other than the most gentle and skilled colouring to extend the range, the hair is unprocessed in any other way, leaving it in its natural condition – fabulously soft, luxuriously glossy and in excellent condition. It is collected in Spain and Italy.


Our Russian hair is the finest available. Genetics, climate and dietary factors make this hair beautifully soft and silky, yet at the same time strong and durable. Just like our European hair, our Russian hair is coloured using the gentlest and most expert methods, leaving the condition and integrity of the hair intact. It is collected from Eastern Russia and Europe.


Virgin Russian is used wherever possible, at no extra cost. However, because the hair is unprocessed, the range of colours is limited. The vast majority of Virgin Russian hair is light-dark brown, blondes and reds are very limited.


All our European and Russian hair is handpicked by specialist collectors. It is transported to the UK in its raw, natural state where we sort and draw the hair in house.


Please do not confuse our genuine European hair with “Euro grade” or “Euro style” hair which is usually Asian hair which has been heavily and aggressively processed to resemble European hair. Also be aware that hair from the East and South Russia/Mongolia is in fact Asian hair. Describing this hair as Russian is simply a ploy to drive up its price.


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