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Specialising in professional human hair extensions in Manchester for more than 16 years

NuTress – Human Hair Extensions In Manchester


NuTress is one of only a few salons who specialise in hand blended human hair extensions in Manchester. We apply the best hair, using the safest methods, at a fair price. We have a genuine love and passion for hair extensions, which makes our hair extensions stand out from others. We’ve been applying human hair extensions in Manchester for over 16 years and have an excellent reputation and loyal clientele, not only in the UK but with overseas clients too.


Our hair extensions are unique to our salon, you won’t find our technique used anywhere else. Unhappy with the unnatural, false look you get with other types, we came up with our own method. Each tailor-made hair extension blends seamlessly with your own hair, creating a style which falls, moves and flows just as your natural hair does. Our hair extensions don’t have the flaws seen in pre-bonded and wefted hair extensions and we can apply them to any hair style, colour or texture.


We apply our hair extensions individually, they’re light, comfortable to wear and grow freely, just like your own hair. You can wear your hair however you like – up, tied back or down. We review your aftercare at every appointment to make sure your natural hair is healthy and undamaged.

When this clients hair extensions were removed, she was so delighted with the condition of her natural hair that she surprised us with a video on her YouTube channel.


Hair extensions have a reputation for damaging natural hair. This damage is caused by poor application, weak aftercare and/or bad habits. We’ve spent years researching, experimenting and developing our hair extensions to make sure they’re not only beautiful and natural, but the safest too.


The health of your natural hair is our number one priority.  We check the condition of your hair at every appointment, and support you in following the correct aftercare. If you’d like to know more, follow the link at the bottom of the page to the ‘Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair’ blog.

Human Hair Extensions In Manchester


Hand Blended Hair


There are lots of salons offering human hair extensions in Manchester, so what makes NuTress different? Most human hair extensions are factory made, pre-bonded or wefted hair. This means the colour of your hair extensions relies on getting a good match from what is available from the manufacturer. Hand blended hair extensions are different. We take hair in different shades and quantities and blend it together until we get a perfect match to your natural hair.



Tailor-Made Hair Extensions

Unless you’re prepared to put lots of time and effort into styling your hair, most hair extensions look false. NuTress specialise in tailor-made, natural hair extensions. Using loose hair means we have full control over not just the colour but the length and weight of our hair extensions too. To add layers to our hair extensions, we  measure and cut each one before it’s applied. This means they blend seamlessly and move with your own hair. You don’t get this result with one length hair extensions or hair extensions that are cut or ‘blended in’ after the application.

100% of our hair is reusable

You won't lose any length at refits

A natural, seamless result

Micro Rings or Micro Bonds


Micro Rings


Not all micro rings are the same. Our silicone lined copper tubes are half the size of regular micro rings and far more discreet. 100% of the hair is reusable, cutting the cost of re-fits. They usually need maintenance every 12-14 weeks, but with perfect aftercare some of our clients go as long as 18 weeks.


Micro bonds


A tiny keratin bond securely seals each hair extension to your own hair. The keratin we use is easy to remove and much gentler to your hair than hair extension glue. Our micro bonds won’t damage your natural hair, allowing it to grow as normal. If you’ve got very fine hair, micro bonds will be more suitable as they are even more discreet than micro rings. Hair applied with micro bonds is unsuitable for reapplication. They last for 12-16 weeks, depending on hair type.


Or both!


We can fit a mixture of both methods. Maybe you would like rings so that you can reuse them to keep costs down, but micro bonds would be better in areas where you need your hair extensions to be more discreet. We can discuss this at your consultation; we’ll always look for the best options for you.

We Only Apply Russian Hair Extensions


Our coloured Russian hair is soft, fine and shiny. It’s full cuticle which makes it strong, durable and swishy. It’s coloured using the gentlest methods and will look and feel gorgeous even after several reapplications. We GUARANTEE our hair will stay soft, shiny and tangle free.


Our virgin Russian hair is the best on the planet. It isn’t coloured or chemically processed in any way. It is finer than our coloured Russian hair but just as strong and durable. In fact, with excellent aftercare our virgin Russian hair can last for 2 years or more.


Double Drawn Hair

We buy and import all our hair from Russia and former Soviet states e.g. Ukraine, Belarus, etc. It’s the best hair in the world but it’s only available in single drawn. We double draw all our hair inhouse. It’s a labour-intensive process and around 10% of the hair is wasted. So why co we do it? Because double drawn hair not only looks better, it lasts longer too.


Thin Hair Extensions Specialists


We understand how difficult very fine/thin hair can be and appreciate that you want a natural look that won’t damage your own hair. Our tailor-made micro bonds are tiny and undetectable. Just a few of our natural hair extensions can transform your hair, making it more manageable, thicker and versatile. You’ll be able to wear your hair in ways you’d only dreamed of.

Are you looking for the safest human hair extensions in Manchester? 

We’ve spent 16 years researching how hair extensions damage hair. This has helped us develop the safest application and most thorough aftercare available. Find out more by clicking on the button.

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We truly believe our passion, expertise and pride are what makes ours the best human hair extensions in Manchester and the UK.

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