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Specialising in professional human hair extensions in Manchester for more than 15 years

Passionate About Hair Extensions


NuTress is one of only a few salons who specialise in tailor-made human hair extensions in Manchester and the UK. We apply the best hair, using the safest methods, at the best price and have a genuine love and passion for hair extensions. NuTress have been applying human hair extensions in Manchester for over 15 years, we have built an excellent reputation and loyal clientele, not only in the UK but with international clients too.


Our hair extensions service is truly specialised. Each tailor-made hair extension blends seamlessly with your own hair, creating a style which falls, moves and flows just as your natural hair does. Tailor-made hair extensions don’t have the flaws often seen in prebonded and wefted hair extensions and can be applied to any hair style, colour or texture.


Our hair extensions are applied individually, they’re light and comfortable to wear and grow freely with your own hair. Your hair can be worn however you like – up, tied back or down.


Hand Blended Hair

Most human hair extensions in Manchester (and the rest of the UK for that matter) are factory made, prebonded or wefted hair. They look false on anything but the most basic application. NuTress specialise in tailor-made, natural hair extensions. Using loose hair means we have full control over the colour, length and weight of our hair extensions. We hand blend several shades of hair to guarantee a perfect colour match, even up close. We add layers to your style by measuring and cutting each hair extension before application so that they blend seamlessly with your own hair – cutting the hair after application removes the natural tip and looks false.

Micro Rings or Micro Bonds


Micro Rings

Not all micro rings are the same. Our copper tubes are half the size of regular micro rings and far more discreet. 100% of the hair is reusable, cutting the cost of re-fits. They need maintenance every 10-14 weeks, depending on hair type.


Micro bonds

A tiny keratin bond securely seals each hair extension to your own hair. The soft keratin we use is easy to remove and much gentler to your hair than hair extension glue. Our micro bonds won’t damage your natural hair, allowing it to grow as normal. Micro bonds are better suited to very fine hair as they are even more discreet than micro rings. Hair applied with micro bonds is not suitable for reapplication. They last for 12-16 weeks, depending on hair type.

Or both!

We can fit a mixture of both methods if this is the best option for you. This can be discussed at your consultation.


Indian, European or Russian Hair Extensions


Our Remy Indian Temple hair is cuticle correct and is soft, shiny and durable. It will remain in perfect condition for many months. Our Virgin and Coloured genuine European and Russian Hair is collected in Spain and Russia then hand worked in house. It will continue to look and feel impeccable even after several reapplications. We GUARANTEE our hair will stay soft, shiny and tangle free.


Thin Hair Extensions Specialists


We understand how difficult very fine/thin hair can be and appreciate that you want a natural look that won’t damage your own hair. Our tailor-made micro bonds are tiny and undetectable. Just a few of our natural hair extensions can transform your hair, making it more manageable, thicker and versatile. You’ll be able to wear your hair in ways you’d only dreamed of.

Where to find us


Based in Manchester City Centre’s Northern Quarter, just 5 minutes walk from Piccadilly Train Station, we attract a loyal clientele from throughout the UK.


Appointments are by prior arrangement only.


We truly believe our passion, expertise and pride are what makes ours the best human hair extensions in Manchester and the UK.

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