Why You Should Choose Micro Bond Hair Extensions

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They say a woman needs perfect hair and perfect shoes to feel fabulous. And while the perfect shoes are not that hard to find, perfect hair might not be so easy.  If you weren’t lucky enough to be born with a glorious mane of thick, glossy, strong, healthy hair, at NuTress Hair Extensions & Enhancement help is at hand. We talk below about the Micro Bond Hair Extensions Technique, the Pros and Cons and how every woman can now make the hair they dream of a reality.


What are Micro Bonds?

Micro Bonds are a hair extensions used to enhance the overall look of your hair by adding length, volume, or both. Loose strands of extension hair are attached to tiny sections of your own hair, individually, strand by strand. This allows your hair to grow freely, move naturally and unlike most other hair extensions applications be worn any way you like including updos. The size of the bond (connection) can be adapted to suit your natural hair making them the most discreet hair extensions available. Using loose hair gives the flexibility to mix several colours in each extension in order to achieve a perfect match to the natural hair. This hand blending is very specialised but is the only way to avoid unsightly colour mismatches.


How it is done?

Each extension is made by selecting the perfect amount of hair for the area it is being applied to. Too much hair will cause stress to the natural hair it is attached to , too little hair will result in a “stringy”, false effect. The hair is then cut from the top to the desired length. This step is crucial in order to achieve a natural look by retaining the tip of the hair while at the same time adding layers, creating different styles and looks. We strongly advise against cutting hair extensions after application. It is notoriously difficult to cut extensions and a natural result is seldom accomplished, even by the most experienced and skilled stylist. Please note, not all Micro Bonds are applied using this advanced technique, at NuTress we are one of only a handful of hair extensions specialists using this method.


The extensions are secured to your natural hair by placing  a tiny drop of keratin resin right on the end of the loose hair to make a bond. These bonds are then applied near the root of your natural hair. Usually, the extensionist will use a heat connector to fuse the keratin tip to the natural hair. The bond is then formed by rolling the keratin between the thumb and index finger, creating a connection as small as a grain of rice. The process is done for each extension individually, strand by strand, building up length and/or volume until the desired look is achieved.


How much time does it take to apply hair extensions and how long will they last for?

These are two frequently asked questions by our customers. First off, applying hair extension is a timely process, as mentioned above. A small amount of volume can be applied in an hour or so while a full head of hair extensions applied to short and/or very thick hair can take up to 8 hours to complete.


With proper care and attention, our micro bonds will last indefinitley, in other words they will stay in place until they are removed. However, as the natural hair the extension is attached to continues to grow, it is more vulnerable and the extension is less discreet and no longer falls naturally. For this reason we recommend extensions are removed after 12-16 weeks. At NuTress we are more than happy to examine your hair extensions throughout the wear period to advise you about the best time to have them removed.


What are the Advantages of Micro Bond Hair Extensions?

There are a lot of advantages to using this technique. Because we hand blend loose hair, each of our extensions contains several colours, creating tones and highlight to perfectly match your natural hair. Micro bond extensions are the only extensions applied and tailored individually in length and weight to make them compatible to the natural hair they are attached to, preventing undue stress. The method used by NuTress means they are the most natural yet stylish of any application method available. Each extension grows freely, preventing the need for additional, timely and costly visits to the salon and enabling you to wear your hair in any style you desire, wearing it up, down or tied back. The keratin bonds are very discreet, resulting in the most undetectable, safest and lightest hair extensions available.


Are there Disadvantages to Micro Bond Hair Extensions?

Not many, but as with any hair extensions technique, micro bonds do have downsides, including the overall complexity of the application method, which makes it time consuming. The hair extensions require professional removal in order to prevent root damage and breakage to your natural hair and they do require moderate aftercare to prevent soft/sticky bonds and shedding. Very occasionally, clients with excessively oily/greasy hair can find this challenging.


Nonetheless, micro bond hair extensions are renowned as the safest, most discreet, durable and natural looking application available.