brown and blonde virgin russian hair ponytails which are used for russian hair extensions lay down and lined up in a row

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

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Raw, Single and Double Drawn Hair Extensions


If you’ve been looking into human hair extensions, you might be wondering what double drawn hair is. In this blog, I’ll explain what happens when a virgin hair ponytail is collected, how it’s sorted, and what difference this makes to your hair extensions. I’ll explain the different processes the hair goes through that take it from raw, to single and double drawn. It’s well known in the hair industry that double drawn hair extensions give the best results. Let me explain why.


But before I get into that, here’s some background info.


The hair growth cycle.


Human hair is constantly growing, resting and shedding. It’s perfectly normal to lose around 100 hairs every day, this is the hair you see in your brush, plug hole, etc. Each hair grows independently of the rest and is at a different stage of the cycle. The duration of the hair growth cycle varies from person to person and lasts on average 2-7 years. If you’re lucky enough to have a lengthy cycle, you’ll be able to grow your hair super long. If you struggle to grow your hair past your shoulders it’s probably because you have a shorter growth cycle.


The constant shedding and renewing means that hair is made up of lots of different lengths. From those brand new hairs that have just sprung from your scalp, all the way down to that one single longest hair on your head. Hair collected for hair extensions is no different.



Raw Hair


Hair that has been cut from a donor is ‘raw’. Washing and sorting raw hair is essential before it can be used to make hair extensions. You’ll understand why when you read the next paragraph!  What happens next, depends on how valuable the hair is. In this blog, I’ll be following the journey of virgin Russian hair but the drawing process is similar for all hair types.


The next step is to disinfect the hair. Yes, that gorgeous, super glamorous hair you love so much might have come from someone with an itchy head!  I’m not saying all raw hair has nits, but you wouldn’t want to take chances, would you? Next, the hair is washed and dried but not conditioned. That’s because conditioner isn’t compatible with hair extensions, it weakens the connections. That glorious shine on virgin Russian hair isn’t down to products, it’s all natural. The clean hair is then single or double drawn. 


brown hair resting on a wooden hackle with 6" sharp silver nails
Short, unusable hair is removed from the raw ponytail by drawing the root end over a hackle. It might not seem like a difficult job but it takes skill, precision and lots of concentration.

Single Drawn Hair


The short, unusable hairs are removed by ‘slapping’ the root end of the cleaned ponytail against a hackle. This is done dozens of times, at speed. It might seem like a simple process but it’s not a job for daydreamers. Why?  Look at the hackle in the photo on the left. It takes precision and concentration. Imagine the damage you could do with one wrong move!  When the short unwanted hair is removed, the ponytail is retied and the single drawing process is done.


Single drawn hair extensions only have the shortest 6 inches removed. The rest is made up of all different lengths. 

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Blonde Virgin Russian hair extensions being drawn between 2 large brushes in Manchester salon

Virgin Russian Hair Being Drawn

You’d be forgiven for thinking single drawn hair goes through an extra process to make double drawn hair. It doesn’t. Double drawing is a very different process. The root ends of a ponytail are sandwiched between two dense, heavy brushes. With the ponytail secured, a small knife draws out the longest hairs, by their tips, a few at a time. A good trim removes any split or dead ends and the hair is put to one side. This is repeated until all the hair is draw and the ends trimmed. Each small bundle of drawn hair is placed next to the last and kept in the same direction. It’s important that all the hair points in the same direction to keep it remy.


The hair is drawn again but now the tip ends are secured between the brushes. The process is the same as the first draw but the hair isn’t trimmed, this time it’s sorted into lengths. The longest 2 inches are drawn, gathered and secured. Then the next 2 inches, continuing until all the hair has been drawn for a second time and sorted into lengths that decrease by 2 inches at a time.


Double drawing hair is boring, labour intensive and it takes time. So, why do we bother?  We do it because double drawn hair extensions give you a better result.

brown virgin Russian double drawn hair laid down in lengths decreasing by 2" in a Manchester hair extensions salon
Double drawn hair is full, healthy and strong.

Single Drawn Hair Extensions V Double Drawn Hair Extensions



The single drawn hair on the left produces the same quantity of hair extensions as the double drawn hair on the right.





  • The ends are weak and prone to breaking because the split ends haven’t been trimmed.
  • They’re thin on the ends so you’ll lose a lot of length if you want your hair extensions to look full
  • Single drawn hair has short lengths mixed in. This makes them duller than double drawn hair extensions
  • Single drawn don’t cost as much as double drawn hair extensions but they don’t last as long either
  • Can look thin when applied to clients with naturally thick or short hair
  • You’ll need more hair extensions if you want them to look full



  • Trimming the ends makes them strong and healthy
  • Because the hair is mostly one length, the ends are full and don’t need cutting
  • The hair looks glossy, polished and luxurious because the split ends have been removed. 
  • They’re an investment but they last longer. Over their lifetime, they could be less expensive than hair extensions made using cheaper hair
  • Great if you want luxuriously full, thick hair that’s light and moves




If you’d like to see a short video of a virgin Russian ponytail being double drawn in our Manchester workshop, click here.



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