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Hair Extensions Aftercare

Your Complete Guide to the “Do’s and Don’t’s” in Human Hair Extensions Aftercare

Hair extensions aren’t difficult to look after but you will need to put time and effort into your hair extensions aftercare. Your extensionist will give you a routine that’s tailored to you but these ‘do’s and don’ts’ should be followed by everyone, whatever your hair type.


  • BEFORE APPLICATION – your hair must be freshly washed using the recommended shampoo. Hair extensions should only be applied to immaculately clean, oil and product free hair.


  • KEEP YOUR HAIR EXTENSIONS CLEAN – wash regularly to stop your bonds from softening and shedding. If your scalp’s oily the day after you wash it, then wash your hair daily. If you don’t see any oil until 3 days after, then wash your hair at least every three days. Even if you haven’t got greasy hair, wash your hair extensions a minimum of every four days. Always wash your hair after strenuous activity or exercise. 


  • ONLY USE RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS – if you use the wrong shampoo your bonds will break down. They’ll start to discolour, then go soft and/or shed. Don’t use permanent hair dyes or bleach on your hair extensions, or get them on your bonds. Semi-permanent (quasi) colours can be used from four weeks after application but if you get it on your bonds, they will shed. Be careful when you apply styling products, don’t put anything but shampoo on your bonds.


  • DON’T PUT TENSION ON YOUR ROOTS -always hold your hair extensions when you comb or brush them. Start two inches from the ends and work your way up. Tie your hair in a loose, low plait or bun for bed. Don’t wear your hair high for the first four weeks after application, this can cause tension spots and/or root damage. Never pull on your hair or wear it in a tight ponytail, bun, etc. Do NOT have your hair blown by a hairdresser.


  • SEPARATE YOUR BONDS CAREFULLY– Use your fingers to ‘comb’ between the micro bonds/rings in a downward direction. If any hair extensions are stuck together, carefully untangle them. It’s important to do this with care, your extensionist will show you how. 


  • BE GENTLE WITH WET HAIR – Before you wash your hair, comb it and separate your bonds. Get into the habit of doing this, it’ll help protect your natural hair from damage. When you’re in the shower, don’t lift your hair lengths, let it fall freely down your back. Be gentle and mindful, think about the consequences of your actions. If you scrub your scalp, what’s that going to do to your roots?
  • USE SHAMPOO SPARINGLY – the amount of shampoo you need depends on your hair type and density. Using too much or too little shampoo will leave residue behind. This causes sticky bonds and/or shedding. Always wash twice and work up a good lather on your second shampoo. Make sure you squeeze the lather through the lengths, or the ends of your hair will be knotty and dull. 


  • RINSE THOROUGHLY– rinsing is a really important part of hair extensions aftercare. If you leave residue behind, your hair won’t be clean, so don’t rush it. Pay special attention to your scalp, make sure you spend time rinsing your bonds. Use your fingers to move your hair out of the way so that the water can wash over the scalp. When you’re satisfied your hair is well rinsed, continue rinsing for a few seconds longer, it won’t do it any harm!


  • CONDITION THE LENGTHS -After washing, gently squeeze out excess water from the lengths then squeeze with a towel. Condition your hair extensions from the nape of your neck down using only recommended products and leave for a few minutes before rinsing. Never allow conditioner to come into contact with your bonds.


  • NEVER RUB HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS – After washing and conditioning, squeeze and pat the hair in a towel to remove excess water, this will considerably reduce drying times. Rubbing your hair extensions during the shampooing/drying process can cause irreversible damage to the cuticle.


  • DRY IMMEDIATELY AFTER WASHING -Do not comb or brush your hair whilst it it wet. Using a medium heat setting concentrate on drying the micro bonds before moving onto the lengths. Ensure your hair is completely dry before using a wide tooth comb. Your hair can then by styled with straighteners, heated rollers, wand etc. or smoothed out with a hairbrush and dryer.


  • DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR BONDS/RINGS – twiddling your bonds will put tension on your roots, damaging your natural hair. It can make your removal uncomfortable and loosen the connections. Only touch your bonds when you’re separating your bonds and washing/drying your hair.


  • ACT IMMEDIATELY IF THERE IS A PROBLEM – Should you experience any shedding, sticky bonds, discoloured bonds etc. it is important to seek advice IMMEDIATELY. If caught in time it may be possible to resolve these problems without any permanent damage. If left for too long the damage to your micro bonds may become irreversible.

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