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Hair Integration System

The most natural mesh based hair integration system in Manchester

Have you been looking for a hair integration system in Manchester? Or do you already wear one that you’re not happy with? Let us help.


Losing your hair can be devastating to your confidence and the way you feel about yourself.  It doesn’t matter how you lose your hair, though illness, injury, alopecia, etc, the effect is usually the same – crushing. And yes, some women do bounce back and seem to take hair loss in their stride but how you feel is unique to you. Most women can’t make peace with their hair loss and need a solution. Our hair integration system could be just what you’ve been looking for.


We’ve carried out years of independent research and trained extensively in the UK and USA. We’ve used the knowledge we gained to produce the most natural looking and feeling hair integration system available.


What makes our hair integration system different?


We only use hand tied wefts (made in house) and tailor-made partings to create our hair integration systems. What’s more, because it’s the most natural in appearance and it’s the easiest to take care of, we only use double drawn, Virgin Russian hair in our pieces. We are the only salon fitting hair integration systems in Manchester, and maybe even the UK, to offer this quality. To find out more about our hair, click here.


Almost all salons offering hair integration systems use machine wefted hair and ‘off the shelf’ partings. They tend to be made from cheap, lower quality hair, which has been aggressively processed, leaving it in very poor condition. This results in unmanageable hair that knots and matts. As a woman with hair loss, the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious because you’re wearing poor-quality hair. Above all else, you’ll want your hair to look natural and discreet. We guarantee our hair will remain soft, manageable and tangle free.


Our systems are tailor-made


Heads are just like any other body part, one size does not fit all! To get the most natural look, all our hair integrations are bespoke and made specifically for you. We take a template of your scalp to produce a piece which fits like a glove. What’s more, off the shelf partings and wefts are only available in limited colours. But, because our pieces are tailor-made, we can precisely match your existing hair, add subtle high/low lights or if you prefer, a dramatic new look can be achieved with a different colour and style, the choice is yours.


woman with hair loss being fitted with a mesh based hair integration system in Manchester
Fitting our mesh based hair integration system in Manchester.
back shot of a woman with brown hair with severe female pattern hair loss in Manchester salon
This client came to us wearing a badly fitting system, which didn't cover the problem crown area.
back shot of a woman with long brown hair wearing a natural looking hair integration system in Manchester salon
We fitted her with a small parting which covered the entire crown area.

Who are they suitable for?


Our hair integration systems are suitable for all types of thinning/patchy hair loss. Whether you have minor thinning at the front hair line and parting, or a larger area due to female pattern, chemotherapy or other type of chronic hair loss. They’re practical too, you wear the Integration 24/7 and there’s no need to change your normal routine – you can wash your hair, sleep, swim or exercise as you normally would.


It takes just a few hours to fit a system, giving you a full head of hair and a completely natural look in just one appointment*.


Prices start at £1400 for integrations which cover the crown and parting, rising to £2200 for our full coverage systems.  We want our integrations to look as natural as possible, so we only use Virgin Russian hair. It’s the most natural in appearance, and it’s the easiest to take care of. You’ll need a maintenance appointment every 5-6 weeks. They cost £80 per hour and usually take 45 -75 minutes. 


Please be aware that because all our systems are hand-made, it takes approximately 6 weeks from your consultation until the fitting.


*Consultations are free and must always be carried out prior to a fitting appointment being made.


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