Micro Bonds or Micro Rings – Which are right for you?

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Not all hair extensions are the same.

NuTress are a specialist hair extensions salon and one of only a few in the UK to offer hand blended, tailor made hair extensions. We use the same method of blending loose hair to create both our micro bonded and micro ring hair extensions. We do not use pre-bonded, factory made hair extensions for either type of application.


Micro Bonds

We only use soft keratin to apply our micro bond hair extensions. This is much gentler than hair extension glue and is very easy to remove. Each hair extension is securely sealed to your own hair with a tiny, hand-made bond about the size of a grain of rice. This comfortable and discreet method is particularly suitable for those with finer hair and for those who would like to add hair extensions to more prominent areas, like the fringe. Micro bonds are better suited to very fine hair as they are even more discreet than our tiny micro rings. Our micro bonds won’t cause any damage to your natural hair and allow it to continue to grow freely. We love this versatile method – we can add tiny bonds where needed and offer something more for clients who need a really discreet method of adding hair. Due to the nature of this application, although it is possible it is not as well suited for reapplication as micro rings. Depending on hair type they last for 3-4 months.


Micro Rings

Not all micro rings are the same. We use the very best quality, tiny copper tubes which are half the size of regular micro rings. Our micro rings are very popular as they are non-shedding and 100% of the hair is reusable, making reapplications a more affordable option. The keratin bond is not fused with your natural hair making this type of application more appealing if you’d rather not have bonded hair extensions. Micro rings are more durable than micro bonds and may be a better option if you have very oily hair. Depending on hair type, a re-fit is usually recommended every 3-4 months.


Mix it up!

Some of our clients have a mixture of micro rings and micro bonded hair extensions. Clients with very oily, fine hair can have a micro ring application for the most part with micro bonds added to the most prominent areas. This bespoke application gives our clients the freedom to choose the best from both methods, suiting their individual needs.


We are happy to fit a couple of hair extensions using both methods at your consultation. There is no charge for this service and it allows you get a feel for our hair extensions before making a decision.