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Hair Extensions Price Guide

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At NuTress we are committed to providing clear, transparent pricing. Please see our “How many hair extensions do you need” blog to help you estimate the coverage you need. For an exact quote please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

Price Guide

Micro bonds or micro rings?


Our micro ring hair extensions are fitted using the highest quality copper tubes. These are half the size of regular micro rings and much more discreet. Hair extensions applied using this method are 100% reusable, without the need to purchase any addition hair, cutting the cost of further applications. 


Our tailor-made micro bonds are the most discreet hair extensions available, and are better suited to those with very fine/limp hair. They are not as well suited to being reused as our rings, and it may be necessary to purchase some additional hair at your refit.


In some applications, it’s possible to have a mixture of rings and bonds, making the most of the advantages each type offers.


Our hair extensions are unlike hair extensions applied at any other salon. We measure and cut each strand before we bond it, allowing us to add layers to your style. This is why our hair extensions blend seamlessly and look more natural than any other type. 



Reusing hair.


Because we only use the best quality Double Drawn South Russian and Slavic hair, it can be reapplied several times, cutting the cost of further applications. To learn more about the benefits of Double Drawn hair, click here.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like any further information. We don’t charge for consultations and can apply a couple of extensions free of charge, giving you a chance to go away and see how you get along with them before deciding if you’d like to book an appointment.



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1/4 Head

Approx. 50 hair extensions, 2 rows.

Adds volume and weight if your hair is Thin/Fine/Average.

Length Coloured Russian Virgin Russian  
10″     £217.50    £240.50  
12″     £217.50    £266.50  
14″     £230.00    £302.50  
16″     £230.00    £313.00  
18″     £242.50    £342.50  
20″     £242.50    £375.00  
22″      £419.00  

1/2 Head

Approx. 100 hair extensions, 4/5 rows.

Adds length, volume and layers if your hair is Fine/Average.

Length Coloured Russian Virgin Russian  
10″     £380.00    £426.00  
12″     £380.00    £476.00  
14″     £405.00    £550.00  
16″     £405.00    £571.00  
18″     £430.00    £630.00  
20″     £430.00    £695.00  
22″      £783.00  

3/4 Head

Approx. 150 hair extensions, 6/7 rows.

Adds length, layers and volume if your hair is Average/Thick.

Length Coloured Russian Virgin Russian   
10″     £542.50      £611.50  
12″     £542.50      £686.50  
14″     £580.00      £797.50  
16″     £580.00      £829.00  
18″     £617.50      £917.50  
20″     £617.50      £1015.00  
22″        £1149.00  

Full Head

Approx. 200 hair extensions, 8/9 rows.

Adds length, layers and volume if your hair is Thick/Very Thick.

Length Coloured Russian Virgin Russian  
10″     £705.00    £797.00  
12″     £705.00    £897.00  
14″     £755.00    £1045.00  
16″     £755.00    £1087.00  
18″     £805.00    £1205.00  
20″     £805.00    £1335.00  
22″      £1514.00  

Your refit


The application and refit method we use is exclusive to NuTress. Please do not have your hair extensions removed elsewhere if you would like us to refit them. It’s important that you attend your refit appointment with your hair freshly washed and dried that day, using a recommended shampoo.


Micro rings – this non shedding method allows for 100% of the hair to be refitted without the need to add additional hair. During the refit, all the extensions are removed and retipped. The duration between refits is usually 12-16 weeks but can differ depending on your hair type. 


Micro bonding – although it is possible, this method is not as well suited as micro rings for refitting. Some additional hair may need to be purchased and around 1cm is lost from the length at each refit. The duration between refits is usually 12 weeks but can differ depending on your hair type.


long brown hair, tied back into a low. teased ponytail, in the sunshine, bare tanned shoulders, in the street.

Refit Costs

Our micro ring refit includes removal, retipping and refit of hair extensions, trim and finish.


Typical costs are –

Full Head £382.50

3/4  Head £297.50

1/2   Head £212.50


Our Micro bond refit includes removal of existing hair extensions, wash and blow, refit of existing hair, style and finish. Any additional hair needed is not included in this price.


Typical costs are –

Full Head £487.50

3/4  Head £375.00

1/2  Head £262.50


Removals without refit are charged at £50 per hour, £12.50 per 15 mins/part 15 mins, minimum 30 mins.


*Pre/post service/colour wash & blow without extensions from £27.50

*Pre/post service/colour wash & blow with extensions from £41.25

Highlights & bleach services include Olaplex and toner.

T-section and hairline highlights from £60

Half head highlights from £75.00

Full head highlights from £95

Full head baby lights/highlights with root tint/foiliage from £107.50

Full head bleach from £87.50, regrowth from £65

Balayage from £65

Full head tint from – Short £45   Medium £50   Long £55

Regrowth – Without extensions from £41.75

With extensions – T section & hairline from £32.50

Full regrowth from £45.75

Full head semi-permanent/gloss from £35

Treatments from – Hard water cleanse £21.50 Olaplex £15 

*Pre/post service/colour wash & blow is in addition to all services

Adding Volume


Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and movement to Thin/Fine and Fine/Average density hair. They help make your hair more manageable, giving you the freedom to wear your hair in ways you’d only dreamed of. And because our micro bonds are as small as a grain of rice, you can be confident that they will be undetectable in even the finest hair.


Generally, 25-75 micro bonds are used for this application type, with a 1/4 Head being the most popular service. The choice is yours, you can add as little or as much volume as you like.


Small Areas


Hair extensions can be used to transform your style, adding length or volume to the sides of a bob can really give it the wow factor. Just one or two rows of micro bonds in the back of fine hair can add a small amount of length and a noticeable amount of volume. Prices start at just £100.



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Adding Length 


Our hair extensions are very versatile and can be applied in different lengths to suit the look you want to achieve. You are free to add as little or as much length as you like and can be confident that the final result will be natural, comfortable and undetectable.


The most popular lengths for our genuine coloured and Slavic Russian hair extensions are 10″-20″. Shorter and longer lengths are available if requested.




We use loose hair to create bespoke hair extensions which blend seamlessly with your own hair. Each hair extension is selected and sized to suit the area it is being applied to and is cut to the required length prior to the bond being attached. This allows us to create layers without the need to cut the hair extensions after application, leaving the natural tip of the hair intact. This is the only application method which results in a completely natural, authentic look. Using pre-bonded hair extensions or applying ‘one length’ hair is what gives some hair extensions their unnatural, disjointed appearance.



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