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So, you’ve had your fabulous new hair extensions applied and you LOVE them, but what now? Styling hair extensions for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve had lots of length added. But don’t panic! With a bit of practice, you’ll be blowing, waving and curling with the best of them.


TOP TIP – You need the right products. Your extensionist should’ve recommended a shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair type and the type of bonds you have applied. Not all bonds are made from the same keratin, so make sure you stick with what’s been recommended. Also, some products aren’t compatible with hair extensions, again check with your extensionist.


Blow Drying


Always blow dry your hair extensions, it helps your own hair to intertwine with the extensions, creating a seamless, natural look. It’s well worth putting the effort in too, as a good blow dry can last for days, saving time on styling in the long run.





We love L’Oréal Professionnel Dual Stylers Sleek and Swing for poker straight hair like Cheryl’s and Liss and Pump Up to protect against frizz and add volume for bouncier blows like Amanda’s.


hair product

hair product


TOP TIP – Make sure you have the right tools for the job. You’ll need a wide tooth comb, a hair extension brush, a paddle brush and/or a round ceramic brush.


There’s a reason that Kent Brushes have been around for over 200 years, their products are amazing and what’s more they’re reasonably priced. We love their Women’s Detangling Comb, which should always be used just before washing your hair extensions and straight after blow drying.



Their Large Porcupine Brush can be used on the scalp and is excellent for keeping the hair between your bonds tangle free.


Use their Maga-Phine Taming Brush along with your hair dryer to smooth your lengths for a sleek, straight look like Cheryl’s. Simply comb through your hair when you’ve dried it, rest each section of hair on the brush and direct the air flow from your drier across the upper edge of the brush. Take it slow but keep your dryer and brush moving, et voila! Sleek, smooth hair.



Or you could use the Moroccanoil Ceramic Medium Barrel Brush (available from Feelunique.com) if you prefer more bounce in your blow dry like Amanda’s. Start below the bonds in manageable sections and direct the air flow against the mid-section of the brush where your hair has the most contact with it. Have your drier pointing at a 45-degree angle in a downward direction and pull your hair out at a 45-degree angle from your hair. Keep your dryer and brush moving slowly. Wind the brush up at the ends for even more bounce but don’t add tension, simply wind and unwind to create bounce and volume.


TOP TIP – You’ll need a good set of straighteners, and you just can’t beat GHD. They brought us the original ceramic plates and although they’re pricey, in our opinion they outlast and out class any others by miles. In fact, GHD are so confident that their straighteners will last, they come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.




What’s more, a set of GHDs aren’t only good for straightening your hair, they’re multi-functional and can be used to create all kinds of waves and curls. Take a look at their website, it’s an amazing resource for video tutorials, tips and info.


Don’t use any heated styling tools frequently though, even the best have the potential to damage your hair with overuse.  And always PROTECT! PROTECT! PROTECT! with a good quality heat protection spray. GHD, Cloud Nine, etc. all claim theirs are the safest straighteners yet they all manufacture and recommend heat protection products.


TOP TIP – Styling hair extensions is fun! Take your time and practise, you’ll soon get the hang of it. At NuTress, we offer hair extensions styling lesson. Just book a wash and blow, and mention that you’d like a lesson (we’ll book extra time out for you). Before you know it, we’ll have you blowing, waving and curling like a pro!