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Hair Extensions For Problem Locks

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HAIR DRIVING YOU MAD!? Hair extensions for length/thickness/damage/etc, could be the answer.

Fed up with fine locks? Frustrated with hair that won’t grow? Whatever your hair irritations, hair extensions could be the answer.


There are lots of reasons why our clients come to us but there’s one thing they all have in common – they’re not happy with their natural hair.


We’ve been applying hair extensions in Manchester for 16 years and have fitted them for some bizarre reasons (we’d love to share but that would be a different blog entirely!). So, here are the most common problems that were driving our clients mad before they called us. Do any of them sound familiar?

Hair extensions for fine/thin hair?

Very fine/thin hair is challenging. It can look flat and limp, no matter how long you spend styling it, or what products you use. And if you do manage to make it look good, just a gust of wind or a light drizzle can undo all your hard work. It might be more manageable if you wear it short, but what if you don’t want or suit short hair! Just a few, tailor-made hair extensions can add volume and weight to your hair, giving it body and volume. This makes it much easier to manage and opens a new world of style possibilities.


We apply the safest hair extensions in Manchester.

If you’ve got very fine/thin hair make sure you only have tailor made hair extensions fitted. Anything factory made could be too heavy. They’re “one size fits all” but they might be too heavy and could put stress on your roots, leading to hair loss. And while you’ll love the added weight and thickness, do you really want to end up with less hair than you started with? If you’re looking for a specialist salon to fit your hair extensions in Manchester, give us a call!

Before and after photo of a woman with short fine hair wearing long blonde straight Russian micro ring hair extensions in Manchester salon.

Frustrated with hair that won’t grow?

You’ve resisted every haircut that’s caught your eye for ages, so why isn’t it getting longer? It’s clearly growing – you need to keep on top of your colour every few weeks! Believe it or not but just because you can see your hair IS growing, it may never get any longer.


You could have a short growth cycle. The average growth cycle is 2-7 years, so if your cycle is at the shorter end, your hair probably won’t grow much past your shoulders. If it’s lightened, your heated tools are too hot, or you’ve got weak hair, the ends could be breaking. Or maybe your stylist insists on a trim every 6 weeks. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have regular trims but if they’re too frequent, you might be cutting off all the length that’s grown since your last trim!


Lots of our clients spent years trying to grow their hair before contacting us. Imagine how delighted they are when after just a few hours in the salon, they get the hair of their dreams! Hair extensions are great for adding length, without the lengthy (or eternal!) wait. You don’t have to have waist length hair extensions, opt for a couple of inches for a less dramatic change. Whatever you decide, finally the choice is yours. Make sure you choose your salon carefully. There are a lot of bad hair extensions in Manchester….

Hair extensions for damaged locks.

Had a run in with bleach and come off worse? You might’ve used it for years and never had a problem but one day you notice more broken strands in your brush than usual. Before you know it, your hair looks thin, frazzled and over processed. This can be heart breaking, but the good news is, so long as the root area is healthy, there’s no reason why you can’t have hair extensions applied until it recovers. A good set of well maintained hair extensions can offer some protection too, as it’ll look good without so much styling.


This client tried to grow her hair for years but damage from weaves and bleach made it thin, weak and prone to breakage. She wore our hair extensions for 2 years, her natural hair recovered and she grew it to a length she was happy with.


If you’re looking for hair extensions in Manchester to see you through a rough patch, choose carefully. We only apply safe hair extensions, which allow your natural hair to grow without damage.

Why won’t my hair grow

You have post pregnancy hair loss.

Enormous changes happen to our bodies when we’re pregnant, even our locks are affected. While pregnant, you can expect your hair to be the best it’s ever been. But in the months following the birth or after you stop breast feeding, you’ll lose more than usual. Most women only shed the hair that would’ve fell during their pregnancy, the shedding slows to a normal rate and things get back to normal. 1 in 5 women will lose more though, and their hair will take longer to adjust. In some cases, this can be up to 7 years.


Hair extensions are great for getting through this upsetting and often stressful time. Just a few tailor-made micro bonds or rings could be all you need to get your confidence back, leaving you to spend your time enjoying your new bundle of joy, instead of worrying about your hair. It is important that you don’t have anything heavy applied though, this could make the problem worse. NuTress specialise in tailor-made hair extensions in Manchester City Centre. We can adapt our hair extensions to suit each individual. This means we can apply the lightest, most discreet hair extensions available.

Before and after side shot of a woman with post pregnancy hair loss wearing micro bond hair extensions for thickness in a Manchester salon.

Your hair’s recovering after an illness.

If you’re recovering from an illness, you’ll want to get back to normal as soon as you can. And while you’re grateful to be on the mend, if your hair has changed, it can be a constant reminder of a time you’d rather forget. Hair extensions can help you get back to your old self, allowing you to put your illness behind you and look forward to the future.


You don’t need to have a waist length mane; a subtle change might be all it takes to get you feeling like yourself again. Quite often, our clients just want their usual style back. It’s important to have hair extensions that can be adapted to fit your individual needs. We’ve built a great reputation for our specialist, tailor-made hair extensions in Manchester, and receive recommendations from health care professionals at several hospitals.

You want princess hair for your big day.

Ever since you were a little girl you’ve imagined how you’d look on your wedding day. You’ve got the dress, shoes, veil, tiara, etc. but something’s not quite right – your hair. You may be happy with it usually, but when it comes to creating those fairy tale updos you’ve imagined for so long, it just isn’t up to the job! And that’s where we come in.


You might need just a few, discreet strands, a little volume boost. Or, you can add lots of length to create a cascade of tumbling waves. Either way, you’ll want hair extensions that are discreet and look natural. No one wants to spend their big day worrying or have their wedding photos ruined by bad hair extensions! We only apply hand blended, tailor-made strands. This means we can guarantee a perfect colour match and adapt the size of each hair extension to ensure they’re unseen, even in hard to hide areas. We’ve been applying specialist, tailor-made hair extensions in Manchester for 16 years. You’ve planned and organised your wedding done to the finest detail, don’t leave your hair to chance!

hair extensions manchester

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Thinking of having hair extensions fitted? Worried they might damage your natural hair? Hair extensions don’t damage hair but a bad application and/or weak aftercare will. Read our blog to learn more.

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